Haha777 ph

Agent Challenge: Earn Up to P500,000 with Active Members and Valid Bets

Agent Challenge Bonus:

– P100,000 for 2,000,000 valid bets and 50 active members

Requirements for Bonus:

– P250,000 for 5,000,000 valid bets and 75 active members

Must meet the daily total valid bets for 15 consecutive days and reach the target of 10,000,000 valid bets and 100 active members to earn P500,000.

This challenge only applies to daily commission accounts, not weekly salary accounts.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Agents must meet the standard requirements to receive the reward.
  2. Rewards can only be claimed once per category and will be reset once claimed.
  3. Rewards onslot machines and lottery gamescan be accumulated, and the difference can be claimed if the target is exceeded.
  4. Agents engaged in fraudulent activity will not be eligible for rewards and may have their accounts frozen.
  5. HAHA777 Casinowill not be responsible for compensation due to fraudulent activity or negligence.
  6. HAHA777 casino reserves the right to withhold winnings if fraudulent activity is suspected.
  7. HAHA777 casinocan change, suspend, or terminate the promotion without notice.
  8. HAHA777 casinohas the final decision-making authority regarding the promotion.